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Av/ Mèxic, 3

07400 Baleares, Puerto de Alcudia


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24 hours

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Latitude: 39.833569

Length: 3.115215

How to get to Trendhotel Alcudia


If you come from the airport you can get to our hotel in three ways: by taxi, by rental car or by bus. If you come by Taxi, in the arrivals terminal of the airport you have a taxi rank. If you decide to rent a car, at the airport itself, you have several car rental companies at your disposal. If you want to get there by public transport the duration time is approximately one and a half hours. The best option is to take the A32 line. It is a direct shuttle that you can take from the airport and it will take you directly to Alcudia. You will have to stop at Parada 3060 Ciutat Blanca. The hotel is a 5 minute walk from the stop.


The duration of the journey from the capital, Palma. to the hotel is approximately 40 minutes. It is practically all highway, so it has no loss. From the airport the journey time is similar, about 45 minutes with normal traffic.


If you decide to take a taxi to get to our hotel, you should know that the estimated time to get to the hotel if you are coming from Palma or from the airport is about 40/45 minutes. Just tell him to go to Alcudia and that you are staying at the Trendhotel Alcudia on Avenida Mèxic, number 3.


The easiest way to get from the airport to the hotel is to take the A32 line. This is the shuttle bus that goes directly from the airport to Alcudia (stop Ciudad Blanca. 3060). This stop is about 400 metres away, about 5 minutes walk from the entrance of Trend Hotel Alcudia. The journey time is approximately 1h 25 minutes.